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JP BUFF SURFACE plus/plusA1 
Extremely high grindablity will be continued stably
With efficient holing and spontaneous generation of abrasives, high grinding performance can be maintained stably from
the start of operation to being scraped.
Resolution for buff residue issues
It realizes ultimate reduction of the generation of buff residue by holding abrasives efficiently by maintaining high grindability.
It will provide massive effects in measures for dents on laminas or avoiding accumulation of waste in holes.
From “grinding just for flashing and passing through only” to “certain grinding
The preprocess of circuit forming prior to plating of laminas for the Core Material t 0.06 mm (total width t 0.084 mm) is supported.
(Supported with SURFACE plus A1)
Realizing long life
Long life has been achieved by matching the buff raw materials and the secondary process.
Addition of new values … That is JP BUFF SURFACE plus
JP BUFF SURFACE plus will provide high potentialities in preprocess grinding for various kinds of pre-treatment processes. In order to avoid secondary problems caused by buff residue that had occurred so often with ordinary buffs, the design against spontaneous generation of abrasives has been reviewed. Furthermore, an issue of insufficient grindability that used to be a complaint of many users has been solved by improving it. This product supports a wide range of requirements including removal of wastes on surfaces and surface activation in the circuit forming preprocess grinding, and surface activation and reduction of buff residue in solder-resist preprocessing process etc.

JP BUFF Surface
  JP Buff Surface
■ Finish polishing after the JP BUFF Monster
■ Polishing prior to application of resist elimination
■ Polishing prior to circuit forming
■ Polishing prior to gold plating
Realizing a high grinding facility and surface activating property
In various grinding and polishing stages, to meet high grinding facility requirements, JP BUFF Monster / Surface has adopted a unique molding system that achieves a grinding facility and surface activating property at the same time. It is adaptable to the flattening of plastic protuberances (polishing), the grinding or polishing down to flat surfaces (built up surfaces being polished flat), and also for many other processes.
Achieves a vary even and uniform surface profile
In developing new raw materials and matching them with a foaming system for the JP BUFF Monster / Surface Series,we have been successful in achieving an excellent uniform surface profile that has kept wild scratches restricted to a minimum.The beautiful surface finishes achievable respond to the demands of products of the next generation.
There is a great deal of latitude in the range selection in conformity
Polishing that avoids accumulation of waste in holes ~ conformity polishing
By solidifying basic material that has been distributed in the form of flaps, a high variation in available hardness has been made available.From polishing to reach conformity,to the polishing to a high degree of flatness that was particularly difficult with unwoven cloth, the buff molding level responds with a high degree of flexibility.
Achieves stability in buffing potential
In order to avoid the clogging of screening by copper powder, plastic powder, etc., we adopted a very open mesh construction. This has made possible an active individuality that achieves the sustaining of a high grinding facility. In all processes, a contribution is made to the improvment of productivity.